How to Become a Better Project Manager

Do you feel confident every time you manage a project on behalf of your company? If not, you need to look at ways to improve this situation. Below are some of the most effective ways to become a much better project manager. Get the Right Training A wide range of studies and research has been […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Skills

Once a product or service has been created, getting the marketing right is often the next most important thing. If no one knows about the product, they won’t buy it. If the service is not correctly positioned in the marketplace to attract the right kind of buyer, then no one will feel that the service […]

Matt Cuts Us Out

So Google has knocked us off their engine too and just like MBG we received a nonsensical warning about “unnatural inbound links”. We’ve never built a single link to our site so perhaps what Google meant to say was: Matt Cutts tweeted.. It also appears that a small number of our registered sites have been […]

How We’re Different to MBG

As you’ve probably heard, My Blog Guest, the well known guest blogging platform has been penalised by Google. You can confirm this by doing a brand search for “myblogguest” – the site is nowhere to be seen on the organic search results. Worryingly, for publishers, there is some evidence that participating sites have also been […]

The Future of Guest Blogging (No, it’s Not Dead, Despite What Matt says)

Google’s anti-spam pinup teddybear, Matt Cutts, has just written a post about the pending doom of guest blogging for SEO purposes. As the publicity started doing the rounds, and less than 24 hours after first publishing it, Matt added a clarification saying there are still many good reasons to do guest blogging and there are […]

Lateral Marketing: The Power of Choosing to Be Different

Whether you’re CEO of a large corporation, or a passionate individual trying to make it on your own, there’s an unforgiving law of business; you need customers. But with some traditional methods of marketing being cost inefficient short-term, others even completely inaccessible to single person efforts and young companies, what do you do? Thinking outside […]

Get Organized: 3 Document Management Tools For Bloggers

We collect this myriad of industry statistics as PDFs, docs, audio files and PowerPoint presentations, dropping them in folders never to be seen (or heard) again. You are not alone in your need to get a handle on the ebooks, reports and white papers cluttering up your desktop, scattered through-out your hard drive, or unceremoniously dumped into your My Documents folder!

Pretend You’re a Startup: How to Model Your Blog After Venture Capital Seekers

Whether you plan on writing about cats or corporate finance, one thing remains steadfast in the blogging world: if you want to monetize your efforts, you need to approach it like a business. And what’s more business-like than building a company from the ground up with the acquisition of venture capital in mind? While you’re […]

Getting Creative with a “Boring” Business

Anyone even vaguely acquainted with advertising or marketing these days would be highly likely to throw something at me if I started spouting on about how “content is king” You know it engages the customers you have and attracts the ones you don’t, and you most certainly know all the sharing of your incredible content […]

Blogging like Ogilvy: What Bloggers can Learn from Agencies

David Ogilvy is one of the biggest names in advertising, and since advertising is all about “big names”, that’s saying a lot. He created some of the most iconic advertising slogans and imagery in the world, and in 1962, Time magazine called him “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” Even though Ogilvy created […]

How I Managed to Get the Support of Millionaires (And Why Rejection Shouldn’t Scare You)

They say everyone’s biggest fear is public speaking. That’s scary and all, but I honestly think the fear of rejection is the biggest. It’s the worst of all fears because if you let it, the fear will seep into everything you do. It will make you turn the other way when doors potentially open for […]

How This Email Helped Me Land an $800 Per Month Client

Lucrative and consistent. Nothing makes a freelance writer’s heart flutter more than hearing those two words in the same sentence. So you can just imagine how I felt when I recently discovered a goldmine for projects that fit that very description. I was on, reading a press release that I wrote for a client, […]

Got Irresistible Content That’s Going Nowhere? Five Steps to Building an Audience

Starting from nothing is frustrating. The worst thing about it is that when you’re just starting you’ll find it far too easy to simply make excuses on a daily basis. It took me from December 2011 all the way to late January of 2013 to get started on mybig goal. I always had this big plan […]

How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Guide to Blog Monetization

Are you ready to make money online through blogging? If so, then you are in luck. In this guide, we’re going to look at the many ways that you can turn your for fun blog into a for profit blog. Research Your Competitors The first thing you should do when planning your blog monetization strategy […]

They’re Like, My Headlines Are Better Than Yours

It’s no longer a secret that content marketing works. There’s one small prerequisite, however, and that is that the content must first be read. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending hours pouring creative energy into meticulously written articles, only to neglect the headline. This approach could be costing you serious revenue in […]

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