3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Skills By on July 6, 2017

Once a product or service has been created, getting the marketing right is often the next most important thing. If no one knows about the product, they won’t buy it. If the service is not correctly positioned in the marketplace to attract the right kind of buyer, then no one will feel that the service is needed and the response rate will be poor.

Here are three ways to improve your marketing skills.

First, Know Your Audience

We may think that we know who our customers are, but often we’re dead wrong. Trouble comes into paradise with marketing when we take a broad, non-specific marketing message, and try to apply it across the board. Without direction, the message falls flat because no one feels like the marketing message applies to them.

First, you must learn about your audience. What do they expect from you? How do they see your brand? What holds them back from being interested and how can this be overcome through the advertising message? Once you know who your customers are, it’s much easier to find an emotional connection between the product/brand and the target audience.

Understanding How to Market Like a Master

There are many courses online claiming to teach you how to market. Some are focused on offline marketing via billboards, TV ads, and the like. Other courses are focused solely on attracting online audiences to the promotion. In either case, it is difficult to be certain about the experience and veracity of the claims by the people teaching the courses or that their material is current and realistic. Does it really work? This is often the question being asked and the answer is typically just as unclear.

With an online master of science in marketing management, there’s no doubt that the information is current and realistic. An online MSM degree covers a broad range of topics to provide well-rounded knowledge about how to market brands effectively both online and offline. Managing ad campaigns, researching and segmenting the audience, and effectively targeting potential customers is all covered in the online course. Taking and completing the master in marketing online course will leave no one in any doubt that you know what you’re doing.

Using Social Media Appropriately

Many times, companies approach social media channels in a scatterbrain almost random way where the same message is spread across all social platforms equally. The result is one of confusion where the marketing message is not well received. The reason for this is because each social platform works independently, has an entirely different demographic, and participants with varied expectations.

LinkedIn, for instance, is a business platform where people share their resume and connect. Pinterest is a photo sharing site where images get tagged, re-shared, and comments are added; Pinterest is predominantly used by women. To reach the audiences on these two platforms, a completely different marketing message is required. One size fits all simply doesn’t work with online marketing. Modeling a separate marketing campaign for each major social platform will deliver far greater returns on time and money invested.

The difference between a business growing and one that’s slowly shrinking often comes down to its marketing. When the message is out of touch with the current reality or fails to focus on market segments, the opportunity for continued growth and connection with the audience is lost. Be sure to continue improving your marketing game to not make this mistake.

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