Vernessa Taylor

Vernessa Taylor is a micro and small business champion -- helping professionals, solopreneurs and consultants choose and use automation and smart technologies to build and manage their businesses. A techie with a quirky sense of humor, she writes serious stuff at CoachNotesBlog. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter @CoachNotesBlog.

Articles by Vernessa Taylor:

  • Get Organized: 3 Document Management Tools For Bloggers

    November 27, 2013 in Blogging

    We collect this myriad of industry statistics as PDFs, docs, audio files and PowerPoint presentations, dropping them in folders never to be seen (or heard) again. You are not alone in your need to get a handle on the ebooks, reports and white papers cluttering up your desktop, scattered through-out your hard drive, or unceremoniously dumped into your My Documents folder!

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