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3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Skills

Once a product or service has been created, getting the marketing right is often the next most important thing. If no one knows about the product, they won’t buy it. If the service is not correctly positioned in the marketplace to attract the right kind of buyer, then no one will feel that the service […]

The Future of Guest Blogging (No, it’s Not Dead, Despite What Matt says)

Google’s anti-spam pinup teddybear, Matt Cutts, has just written a post about the pending doom of guest blogging for SEO purposes. As the publicity started doing the rounds, and less than 24 hours after first publishing it, Matt added a clarification saying there are still many good reasons to do guest blogging and there are […]

Lateral Marketing: The Power of Choosing to Be Different

Whether you’re CEO of a large corporation, or a passionate individual trying to make it on your own, there’s an unforgiving law of business; you need customers. But with some traditional methods of marketing being cost inefficient short-term, others even completely inaccessible to single person efforts and young companies, what do you do? Thinking outside […]

Getting Creative with a “Boring” Business

Anyone even vaguely acquainted with advertising or marketing these days would be highly likely to throw something at me if I started spouting on about how “content is king” You know it engages the customers you have and attracts the ones you don’t, and you most certainly know all the sharing of your incredible content […]

Got Irresistible Content That’s Going Nowhere? Five Steps to Building an Audience

Starting from nothing is frustrating. The worst thing about it is that when you’re just starting you’ll find it far too easy to simply make excuses on a daily basis. It took me from December 2011 all the way to late January of 2013 to get started on mybig goal. I always had this big plan […]

They’re Like, My Headlines Are Better Than Yours

It’s no longer a secret that content marketing works. There’s one small prerequisite, however, and that is that the content must first be read. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending hours pouring creative energy into meticulously written articles, only to neglect the headline. This approach could be costing you serious revenue in […]

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