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Pretend You’re a Startup: How to Model Your Blog After Venture Capital Seekers

Whether you plan on writing about cats or corporate finance, one thing remains steadfast in the blogging world: if you want to monetize your efforts, you need to approach it like a business. And what’s more business-like than building a company from the ground up with the acquisition of venture capital in mind? While you’re […]

How I Managed to Get the Support of Millionaires (And Why Rejection Shouldn’t Scare You)

They say everyone’s biggest fear is public speaking. That’s scary and all, but I honestly think the fear of rejection is the biggest. It’s the worst of all fears because if you let it, the fear will seep into everything you do. It will make you turn the other way when doors potentially open for […]

How This Email Helped Me Land an $800 Per Month Client

Lucrative and consistent. Nothing makes a freelance writer’s heart flutter more than hearing those two words in the same sentence. So you can just imagine how I felt when I recently discovered a goldmine for projects that fit that very description. I was on, reading a press release that I wrote for a client, […]

How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Guide to Blog Monetization

Are you ready to make money online through blogging? If so, then you are in luck. In this guide, we’re going to look at the many ways that you can turn your for fun blog into a for profit blog. Research Your Competitors The first thing you should do when planning your blog monetization strategy […]

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