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Matt Cuts Us Out

So Google has knocked us off their engine too and just like MBG we received a nonsensical warning about “unnatural inbound links”. We’ve never built a single link to our site so perhaps what Google meant to say was: Matt Cutts tweeted.. It also appears that a small number of our registered sites have been […]

How We’re Different to MBG

As you’ve probably heard, My Blog Guest, the well known guest blogging platform has been penalised by Google. You can confirm this by doing a brand search for “myblogguest” – the site is nowhere to be seen on the organic search results. Worryingly, for publishers, there is some evidence that participating sites have also been […]

The Future of Guest Blogging (No, it’s Not Dead, Despite What Matt says)

Google’s anti-spam pinup teddybear, Matt Cutts, has just written a post about the pending doom of guest blogging for SEO purposes. As the publicity started doing the rounds, and less than 24 hours after first publishing it, Matt added a clarification saying there are still many good reasons to do guest blogging and there are […]

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