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As you’ve probably heard, My Blog Guest, the well known guest blogging platform has been penalised by Google. You can confirm this by doing a brand search for “myblogguest” – the site is nowhere to be seen on the organic search results. Worryingly, for publishers, there is some evidence that participating sites have also been penalised. This would be easy for Google to do, as the site list from MBG can be crawled or browsed by anyone logged into the site.

We previously wrote about Google’s fight against guest blogging and noted that their tactics seem to be focused on PR and scaremongering because their algorithms are unable to detect links within guest posts in the absence of obvious spam signals like keyword anchor text over optimisation. This action against MBG would make sense for Google’s webspam team from a PR perspective since MBG is the most widely known guest blogging system out there.

This comes as a surprise to some including the owner Ann Smarty, who has been an advocate of Google’s policy on paid links. To others, its not so surprising, given that the service openly touted guest blogging for links, and that there was little in the way of quality control.

The difference between us and MBG

We’ve always put quality first even if this means a smaller user base and lower revenues. We are selective about who we work with, and we moderate everything from user accounts, to links, content and participating sites (on average we decline 70% of sites that apply). We’ve always been concerned about footprints, so from day one we’ve had a unique no browsing approach, where nobody can browse or crawl through our site list or user base. Our technology is built from the ground up with a zero footprints principle in mind. Compare this to MBG which is essentially a modified forum that anyone could join and you’ll start to understand the fundamental differences. We work hard to filter out spam and sites made for SEO. Sometimes activity on PostJoint does include follow links but these are mostly surrounded by good content, good blogs, and good marketers. PostJoint is an independent intermediary, we facilitate the connections and streamline the process, but what the users ultimately do is their own choice.

The Future

The web was built on links. It’s how you get to different places on the web. Marketers will continue to build links and bloggers will continue to publish guest contributions. And we’ll continue to improve PostJoint. We’ve started working on major updates that flip the current model of pre-written content on its head, so content can be created after a connection between a marketer and blogger is made. This way the content will better align with both objectives, with more creative freedom and relevance all around. We’re also building features for both parties to specify whether they accept follow links or not. These changes are not due to a fear of Google, but to create a better experience for everyone on our system.

If you’ve received a warning from Google about unnatural outbound links, review our previous blog post and clear up your author bylines by nofollow’ing the links, especially exact match keywords.

Let us what you think below!


  1. Hello Postjoint. Tks for the update. I was not aware of Google’s action against MBG.

    You asked for some comments – here are mine:

    Postjoint appears to be a good platform for marketeers. Unfortunately, the number of high quality publishers appears to be rather small. I recently posted 3 professionally written articles. I was disappointed that the only PR3+ websites bidding were the same ones across all three submissions. So I decided to double my bid ($125) and resubmitted one article hoping to attract different high quality sites – but the same blog sites offered to host my article.

    Based on this experience, it would appear that the number of high quality blog sites with reasonable PR value and good MajesticSEO metrics is limited for my category/keywords.

    As much as I like the postjoint platform, it would appear that I am reaching the limits of the publisher inventory.

    • admin says:

      David – thanks for your comment. We have an issue with general and multi niche blogs that are tagging their websites with an excessive number of popular keywords (the ones that control their opportunities). These same users are offering on every opportunity they come across. This is causing many of our bloggers to miss out on the best opportunities and they end up leaving too soon. We are working on a big update to address these issues so we hope you’ll stick around to see the changes.

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  3. The truth is, if they penalized MBG, anyone is at risk. Sorry to say, that includes you, PostJoint.

  4. Arbaz Khan says:

    I was really shocked about the news that MyBlogGuest has been banned from Google but it’s great the PostJoint has been working on terms that are completely different.
    I knew about the fact that you guys give quality a lot of preference when selecting blogs, because I have been rejected once and now I know that the blog is submitted was low quality.
    I only hope that one day I will be in your network and that your network keep on growing like this.
    All the best! 😀

  5. Sinea Pies says:

    Thank you PostJoint for having the foresight to guard us as best you can. It is appreciated.

  6. Jim says:

    Not different any more. PJ just got bounced from the index for your own name. Now to see if Google penalizes anyone that ever had anything to do with PJ as well. 🙁

    • admin says:

      Actually we’ve never done any link building to our site, so this is a manual action as Google has no other way of targeting us.

      • Jim says:

        True, but it may have a very large effect on people that have actually USED pj just like all the people that used MBG that were targeted. It’s less about the service and you and more about what will happen to them.

        • Saleem says:

          Hopefully not, there are still no footprints and nobody can browse our complete site list. Any penalties received by our users are most likely due to an overall pattern of unnatural inbound / outbound links and participation in other platforms.

          • Hi Saleem,

            Some of the bloggers who were using PJ (including my blog) received a manual penalty. I also received many emails from those advertisers who contacted me using PJ to remove or “nofollow” the links.

            How is it that publishers are penalised if PJ doesn’t leave any footprints?

          • Krinal Mehta says:

            How long does it take for a bunch of guys (from G) to join your system, and figure out the list of sites?

          • pjuser says:

            We received a manual action warning as well and basically lost all our rankings. so much for zero footprint.

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  8. Michael Jaccarino says:

    PJ is okay but honestly not much better than MBG in terms of quality content or blogs. The material that I would be offered for one of my blogs was, for the most part, nothing that I’d want published on my site, even with money being offered. Additionally, I would find that professionally written content that I would offer would attract too many spam blogs, even when increasing the amount I was willing to offer per post ($250).

  9. Gene Eugenio says:

    Has anyone checked if PJ clients got hit too? Kind of hard to do if there are no footprints, no?

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  13. siwar libya says:

    The truth is, if they penalized MBG, anyone is at risk. Sorry to say, that includes you, PostJoint.

  14. dyvon says:

    Hi I have been watching these big networks get taken down for some time now…

    To the point…which is SEO companies on your site want to scale there campaign right ?

    What better way but to create a bunch of articles and put on as many sites that will accept that in it self is footprint !

    I was a user at PJ and my sites got hit:( Even to this day your members are asking me now to remove lnk when it is there same link that cause my years of hard work to go.

    You guys have had a great run but know it is time to pack up:

  15. Isis C. says:

    Wow, Matt Cutts is embarrassing himself by attacking perfectly legit enterprises like MyBlogGuest. The nerve Google has to push its AdWords program… Shame on you! What happened to their “don’t be evil” mantra?

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