Matt Cuts Us Out By on April 20, 2014

So Google has knocked us off their engine too and just like MBG we received a nonsensical warning about “unnatural inbound links”. We’ve never built a single link to our site so perhaps what Google meant to say was:

matt cuts us out - postjoint v2

Matt Cutts tweeted..

It also appears that a small number of our registered sites have been penalised with an “unnatural outbound links” penalty and have lost their PR. We think the action is most likely down to an overall discernible pattern of unnatural linking activity and that using PostJoint has contributed to this in some way (too much of anything can be bad for your health).

What this means for our marketers

If you’ve received an unnatural inbound links penalty, you will need to clear up the questionable links by contacting the site owners and then detailing your efforts to Google. There is already plenty of information about how to deal with this. If you haven’t received any penalties, proceed with caution.

What this means for our bloggers

If you’ve received an unnatural outbound links penalty you’ll want to clear things up and get your site back into Google’s good books. Before submitting a reconsideration request, nofollow any questionable links. As a courtesy please let the relevant marketers know in advance via our messaging system. We’re sure they’ll understand because of their association to your site.

The future of PostJoint

PostJoint was designed to make connections between bloggers and marketers, letting them mutually arrange on their own terms, so long that falls inline with our quality parameters. We’ve never enforced follow or nofollow – this was always down to the parties involved. We will continue with the same values and focus on building relationships. Guest blogging will remain as a viable content marketing strategy even though its under attack from Google. Marketers will still want to reach their target audiences on blogs, and bloggers will still want to monetize their sites and offer a fresh voice to their readers. The fact is that links still work, otherwise why would Google bother going to the hassle of issuing millions of manual penalties and handling tonnes of reconsideration requests.

What troubles us more than our site being penalised is that “Negative SEO” is real. Why should site owners spend their time and money cleaning up backlinks because Google can’t tell when it should ignore them (or simply doesn’t want to)? Google is indiscriminately attacking anyone it feels like so we need to continue as if Google did not exist and build more diversified traffic and income streams.

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  1. Krasen says:

    Funny title 😀
    I’m 99% sure that Google can’t track what is going on here. may be your sites are listed on MBG also, just like my case? :)Keep up the good work…
    Thank you for that update!

  2. This is really an unfortunate situation, I believe PostJoint can recover back.

    But am wondering will the same happen to other paid review sites like LinkVehicle, SponsoredReviews, etc? Google’s Business Model is quite confusing.

  3. I’m sorry to hear of the penalty, but in light of MBG it was to be expected. My advice (and what many SEO experts are recommending) to anyone who has been penalised is get rid of all your MBG and post joint content immediately, and get recon request in via webmaster tools stating that you’ve deleted them in light of the network being penalised.

  4. Abhishek says:

    my site got penalized and I am going to leave post joint

  5. […] PostJoint responded on their blog saying Matt Cuts Us Out. In short, they are confused about the warning they got but do admit at least 16% of their network […]

  6. I Hate Google says:

    Well, 100% agreed with PostJoint.

    GOOGLE you can not control the Internet. My website is my property and Its my choice how I monetize my site.

    I was writing fresh content for two years on my site but I never got more then 200 visitors per day, I start website to earn and for three years no earning because no ranking on google search engine even did one page SEO, I dont have big money to pay big SEO fees to rank my site. Now Content Marketing really making me money and it is a time paying me back BUT GOOGLE again comes on my way of earning.

    GOOGLE now its my life’s mission to take you out, You can not rule the Internet remember Yahoo.

  7. Shezz Amin says:

    Google is really getting rude to their competitors.

    My @shezamin reply to @mattcutts #Postjoint has established a big brand name, they may not need to be visible in Google now. @PostJoint, I still Love You.

    You deserve to hate it now. If you promote other things using PostJoint, I am sure you can even defeat Google.

  8. David says:

    Give me a break. Every link that Amazon “earns”, every newspaper article as a result of an Apple or Ford news release, every link that results from a PR stunt is a paid link. Every one of those links exists because a big company has spent huge gobs of money. It’s OK for them to buy their rankings, as long as none of the money accidentally trickles down to independent bloggers.

    Until Google employees agree to work for free, why on earth do they want independent bloggers to work for free?

    • admin says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Money is always exchanged somewhere down the line, be it dressed as PR, a writers fee, or something else.

  9. Gene Eugenio says:

    Google isn’t messing around, brethren. Do you guys think it is because there was a PAID option? What about completely free gp exchange platforms off Facebook or forums?

  10. Anon says:

    So all 8 or so sites I had in postjoint got penalised, including ones that had only posted a few articles, yet none of the ones that also did guest posts but weren’t yet submitted to post joint got penalised. Somehow Google HAS detected a footprint here. I don’t know if they hacked into postjoint, if postjoint uses gmail and they hacked that, or if they pretended to be an advertiser and found sites using that, or if one of the advertisers here had something in their posts that allowed google to detect them. I suspect they made an advertiser account and spent some money, eve nif they spent $50k doing this it would be small change for them. Basically whatever it is, the current postjoint model isn’t going to work in future.

    You guys need to switch to the model of the bloggers writing the posts for the advertisers straight away. You also need to stop showing URLs to advertisers – it might be somewhat annoying to the advertisers at first, but it’s the only way to make it difficult for google to just sign up as an advertiser and discover the blogs in the network.

    • admin says:

      We are still looking into this. Its possible that Google took the desperate measure of creating lots of fake user accounts, spent money, and slowly built up a list of participating sites one offer at a time. If so, they wouldn’t have got anywhere near our entire DB as that would require a lot in terms of time, money and effort – we also would have noticed.

      • Adamski says:

        We had 4 sites in PJ – 3 got NAILED to PR0, one escaped unfathomed.

        I am getting removal requests every hour so I am nofollowing EVERY link on my sites.

        I have a business to run and don’t have all day to be logging in and out removing/no following links.

        Also, we lost 3 decent sites that we put a lot of effort and original content into.

        Not sure how PJ plan to come out of this. Google did it once and 3/4 odds of getting slapped is not worth playing.

  11. siwar libya says:

    my site got penalized and I am going to leave post joint

  12. […] reported the penalty news Friday on our sister site, Search Engine Land, and PostJoint itself confirmed the penalty on its own blog […]

  13. Pete Gore says:

    This only affects you if you let Google rule your business – Google makes a chance and everyone follows like sheep, its worse than Apple heads and there over priced rubbish. There are other search engine you can focus on, Google only has the power because we all gave it to them, they need to realise that internet users can easily take it away.

    Don’t use there services, spread the word and slowely they will lose thier grip.

  14. Jenn says:

    Same shit, different day. When it come to Google and PR smackdowns, I’m no longer surprised. I’ve been gaining and losing PR pretty steadily since 2007.

  15. Linda says:

    The sad thing about this blog post is that the article indicates that only a small percentage of the PostJoint’s blogs got penalized, and it appears to indicate that this penalty would have happened independently of PostJoint. I’m not convinced of that because I own over 30 blogs, and the only ones that were penalized were the three blog that are signed up with PostJoint. So I DO have some concerns, about the blogs registered with PostJoint being singled out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE PostJoint, and have made a little bit of money from PostJoint. But I DO have concerns about why the ONLY blogs that lost their PR were the blogs registered with PostJoint, and none of the others were. I don’t think it is pure chance.

  16. Linda says:

    I’d like to encourage you to switch from offering your advertisers “follow” links to offering them “no-follow” links. Google has changed their algorithm so that “follow” links don’t produce the results that they used to offer, and essentially they no longer have any more value than a no-follow link. Google Webmaster Guidelines don’t have problems with “no-follow” links, and when a website gets “no-follow” links they still derive benefits in their SERP.

  17. Isn’t that a competitors plan and injected unwanted backlinks?

  18. Andrew says:

    Just found out about this now. My site went from PR3 to PR0 and it feels like yet another kick in the guts. My site has 6000+ pages of unique content, i have only about 10 -15 articles on there from postjoint, i have done absolutely no other link building or marketing in years. You guys HAVE left some type of footprint somehow . I could have sold my site for decent money at PR3 but now its gone to 0 i’m pretty much screwed. 7 years of content building down the drain for a dozen posts and the couple hundred bucks i got out of it.

    All the articles i chose to post from postjoint were decent, relevant content outlinking to seemingly good sites.

  19. K. Smith says:

    My site got penalized as well.

  20. Steve says:

    Google, remember company philosophy #6??

  21. Avinash says:

    Ya, even I have the same question, Isn’t that a competitors plan and injected unwanted backlinks?

  22. Thankfully my site wasn’t penalised 🙂

  23. Sohil Memon says:

    I must say Google is taking some serious steps in order to penalize the sites which are non the top. Since, many updates need to be out by Google, we can’t judge what will be the next step? Who will be penalize? Who will go burst down?

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