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Have an idea for a post you’d like to publish on our blog? We receive lots of traffic from a targeted audience. We love helping writers like you to build their profile. Please read these guidelines fully before submitting your post idea. Please note that due to the high number of requests we receive we now charge a fee of $100 per post.


As long as the links included in the post add value and are beneficial to the readers, you are welcome to add as many links as you wish (within reason). Commercial links with keyword anchor texts are not usually accepted unless its a well known site.


Please include your full name along with a link to one of your social accounts on Google+ or Twitter to show that you are a real person. We love to publish content from authors that have a track record of writing great content.

Topics & Length

Our readers are interested in digital marketing, content, blogging, SEO, copywriting, social media and making a living online. They (and we) prefer lengthy, detailed posts. Stories of how you achieved something are great for our readership. Please take the time to look around and find out what readers will love to read and share.

Originality & Style

Rehashed content created solely for the purposes of obtaining links will not be accepted. We are looking for well-written content that offers real value to the readers. Naturally, your writing should start with a striking headline, be free of spelling and grammar errors, well structured, and proof read.


Don’t forget to include some images to help bring the post to life. These should be royalty free, licensed or properly attributed.


You agree that the ownership rights are transferred to us and that it will not be published anywhere else, including your own site/s. We also reserve the right to edit the content.


Please take the time respond to any comments left on the post. Not only  does this help to build your rapport, it shows you are a nice person to work with!

Author Accounts

Please do not ask for author accounts as these are given by invitation once we’ve established a relationship with you.

How to Submit

Please send your proposed headline and an outline of the main points to support at postjoint dot com with “Guest Post Submission for PJ Blog” as the subject. A response cannot be guaranteed and if you don’t hear from us within 7 days, feel free to make other use of the post.


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